2B1ASK1 Lapel Badge

As part of our Tercentenary, a limited number of specially made lapel badges have been produced. The 2B1ASK1 (To be one ask one) lapel badge is also approved by the PGM.

Please note: These are different to similar badges available on the internet.  A good UGLE Freemason will know the difference!

Payment can be made by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer.  As PayPal is more costly to use, it is limited to less than 5 badges. Please click on this link to Paypal

Please use the contact page if you wish to pay by cheque or direct bank transfer, so payment details can be forwarded… and remember to supply an address where the badges need posting to.

The lapel badge costs £3 each + £1:50 postage. (Multiple items same postage)

Picture of 2b1ask one badge

All proceeds will go to the Masonic Charitable Foundation