There are many progressive orders in Freemasonry, breif information is provided below.

Image of a triple tau, the symbol or Royal Arch Freemasons

The Holy Royal arch

In the English constitution, Holy Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry and is open to all Master Masons.  It’s members called Companions meet in Chapters and it is considered to be the completion of “pure ancient Masonry” and should be the first appendant order a Master Mason joins.

Besides the two craft lodges; Royal lodge and Portus Felix lodge, Filey is home to Royal Chapter number 643.  You can usually identify Royal Arch Masons, as they will normally wear the jewel of the Order with their Craft regalia.

Knights Templar

Freemasonry originally had a Christian background and was worked in five degrees under a single Lodge Warrant. The first three degrees were what is today known as Craft masonry, the fourth Chapter, and the fifth Knights Templar.   Over time the Craft and Chapter lost their Christian base, however in the Knights Templar remain a Masonic and a Christian Order

Members are called Sir and Brother Knights and together form a Preceptory, Royal Preceptory 381 meets at Filey Masonic Hall.

With the chart below, you get a better idea of the number of appendant orders (side orders).

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