Where did Freemasonry start?

Historical evidence for the existence of Freemasonry prior to 1691 is sparse, so the true origins and history of Freemasonry remain a mystery. That said, the Halliwell Manuscript dated 1394 and the Matthew Cooke Manuscript suggests the origins of Freemasonry may be much earlier

There is general agreement among historians and researchers that Freemasonry developed, either directly or indirectly, from the medieval stonemasons – otherwise known as Operative Masons – who built the great cathedrals and castles

Organised Freemasonry in England today, began with the founding of the first Grand Lodge on 24 June 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron Ale House in St Paul’s Churchyard, London, The image below shows the Goose and Gridiron circa 1890… it was demolished in 1895.


An image of the Goose and Gridiron in 1890

The Goose and Gridiron courtesy of © 2021 pubwiki.co.uk.