Royal lodge logo, which is a lion and unicorn

Royal Lodge

Freemasons have been present in Filey since 1855 in the form of Royal Lodge No. 643.

Originally, the nearest lodges to Filey were Old Globe Lodge in Scarborough, Lion Lodge in Whitby and Constitutional Lodge in Beverly.  In 1854 a number of brethren got together to petition for a Warrant of Constitution empowering them to meet at the Royal Hotel, North street Filey. The petition was granted by the Grand Master the Earl of Zetland on 7 February 1855, and on 1 June 1855, the lodge was dedicated at the Royal Hotel.

Original meeting places:

Royal Hotel, North Street               1855-1861

Foords Hotel, Queen Street           1862-1880

Crescent Hotel, Filey                      1880-1891

Foords Hotel, North Street              1891-1910

The brethren of Royal lodge always had the ambition to possess their own lodge and as the lodge size increased, a building fund was started in 1869.   In 1896 a site was purchased on Rutland street, a former brickyard.

In September 1909 members of Royal lodge and 91 visitors in full regailia,  moved in procession from the Royal hotel to Rutland street...where the foundation stone was laid with Masonic honours before returning to the Royal hotel.

In July 1910 the temple was dedicated with great ceremony ... the first regular meeting of Royal lodge at the Masonic Hall occurred on 21 October 1910.

Royal lodge meets every third Tuesday except July and August with the Installation meeting being in February.



W. Bro G.A Raylor: A brief history of the Royal Lodge. Compiled 1955